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The internet is a great tool to use to advance your business. Specifically, features on Google can multiply your marketing strategies and business outreach efforts. In order to make the most use of Google, you should know which features are available for you and your business.

Google Posts

If you are wanting to improve your internet interactions with your customers, you should take advantage of Google Posts. Essentially, it is a place where businesses can post directly on Google. These posts would show up right underneath the Google listing page for your business. You could post about events, promotions, and your products or services. You can also interact with customers directly on Google Posts. Online content creation is always a great way to attract more customers because the more information that can be found online about your business, the better. Google Posts provides a way for customers to know easily and quickly what your business is about and what you are up to.

Google My Business

In order to oversee your business’s activity on Google, you need to set up a Google My Business account. On a basic level, Google My Business provides you with an online listing. This enables you to post photos to your listing, update your contact information, and set up ways to directly interact with your customers through messaging or by attaching your phone number. Claiming your business on Google can increase revenue by 58%. This is because Google My Business makes it easier for customers to find you and makes your business appear more professional and valid. You can also look at the business analytics to see what people do on your profile and how often.

Google Digital Garage

Another aspect of Google’s free features that is often overlooked is the Google Digital Garage. This is an online learning suite where you can take courses that will help you learn how to make your business successful online. The courses are mostly geared towards digital marketing, and some courses come with a certificate upon completion. By using Google Digital Garage in your business, you can sharpen your own skills as well as your employees’ skills for free.


As a business owner, you need to be taking advantage of every opportunity presented to you to grow your business, particularly free ones. If you implement Google’s features in your business, you will be able to see progress grow. Put your business online today and you will start seeing results.


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