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You know that communicating with customers is an essential part of your business—this is how you alert them to promotional deals, request reviews on recent transactions, update them on new improvements or stock, and more! However, reaching your customers far too often or in the wrong ways can be annoying and unhelpful to those consumers. Here are some ways you can effectively communicate with your customers without bothering them!


Create Interesting Content

Customers won’t be bugged by content they actually enjoy viewing! Offer content that is interesting and visually aesthetic. Vary your topics (while remaining relevant to your business), show off your successes, and make your business consistently exciting for your customers! Try giving tips for how to best take advantage of your products and services! Highlight a frequently asked question! Tell a success story! Anything that brings something genuinely interesting or worthwhile into their day is far less intrusive or bothersome than another simple advertisement broadcasting the same old products time after time.


SMS Marketing

Short message service (SMS) marketing involves using texts as a means of reaching consumers with advertisements. Consumers respond favorably to SMS marketing, and 54% say they want to receive texts. People have their phones on them all the time, making text messaging arguably the most effective way of communicating with a consumer. Furthermore, receiving text messages is an easy thing for consumers to check quickly and either move on or invest some time in their curiosity. Texts should be short, straightforward, and simple, which allows receivers to make snap decisions based on their interest (exactly like they want to be able to do!)


Quality Over Quantity

Concentrate your promotions into bigger, more unique events, and use those opportunities to send out larger-scale advertisements that are more likely to draw customers in. This reduces the number of invitations extended, but makes the more impressive deals all the more interesting to the consumer and therefore increasingly likely to attract their time and attention! The after-effect of these events will continue to draw customers in to check out remaining products, more deals, make exchanges or returns that bring them back into your store (i.e. back around your enticing products) and encourages more word-of-mouth promotion by the customers themselves about the exciting experiences they have.


Keep your customers engaged with your company without burning them out! Use effective content through effective mediums, and in effective quantities to ensure that their interest is constant and they don’t think negatively of your messaging.


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