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How Word Of Mouth Marketing Can Affect Your Business

By October 7, 2021No Comments

What is word of mouth, or WOM, marketing? WOM is when consumers talk about a company’s product or service to their friends, family, and to others with whom they have close relationships. How does this affect you and your business? Social media is another form of word of mouth that is used by many people today. WOM shows how a consumer of your service thinks of said service, with how prolific social media is today, getting this information is as easy as ever. If the consumer has a positive experience with your service, they are more likely to share with others their experience with your business. Word of Mouth is probably the most important form of marketing that you, as a company, should be paying attention to.

How We Use Word Of Mouth Everyday

Word of Mouth is used more frequently than you might think. Through a casual conversation people can get a positive or negative reaction to your company directly from a consumer. Word of Mouth isn’t just talking person to person though, it can also be someone reading a review that was posted or a testimonial used by the company. Since WOM marketing is used more frequently than you might think, it could be considered one of the most important aspects of marketing that should be taken advantage of.

Consumer Experience

Consumer experience is the most important aspect to word of mouth because people tend to share more with others when they are either satisfied or dissatisfied. A consumer that has a positive experience is likely to share their experience with others. However, the opposite is also true. If someone were to have a negative experience, they will make sure to let others know that you, the company, did not satisfy the consumers needs. A negative experience will lead to people avoiding your company.

Social Media’s Influence

Social media is one of the biggest aspects of a person’s life. With the amount of time spent on social media, people can share their stories and experiences easier than ever. This is another form of word of mouth marketing. When consumers visit your website, use your service, or visit your social media, if they do not have a good opinion of your services, they can share their feelings easily on social media. It is good to have positive interactions with consumers when a single post on social media can have great influence on how people interact with your company in the future.

Word of Mouth is one of the most important forms of marketing that every company should take advantage of. People tend to trust others’ opinions, if someone were to post a positive or negative review, they will believe what that review has to say. With how easily accessible social media is, people are able to spread their feelings on your company easier than ever. Keeping the consumer happy can improve the probability that they will post a positive review. This shows a positive word of mouth that you can then use to promote your company.