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Social media marketing is key to the success of any business today. With the rise of smartphones and the changes in how people consume content, you need to be on the cutting edge of how to improve your social media strategy. Otherwise, you could miss the best chance to grow your brand. Here is how blockchain is changing social media marketing and why you should pay attention:


Digital Marketing Analytics

Great marketers understand the power of data. With the right information, you can make better decisions about which campaigns to run, how to schedule them, and when to rotate content. All of this helps you get better conversions than just shooting in the dark.


However, we live in the age of big data. With so much information at your fingertips, you need good ways to manage and filter the data in views or managers won’t have a clear view of the bigger picture. Blockchain has powerful capabilities that quickly let you search and sort your data in ways never possible before.


Monitoring SaaS Performance and Other Key Apps

One of the key characteristics of blockchain technology is that it enables you to engage in better application performance monitoring. No matter what kind of apps you use, whether they are in the cloud via SaaS or on your computer hardware itself, you need to understand how well it is holding up and whether speed or efficiency is suffering.


Content Ranking and Algorithms

If no one knows you exist, you cannot promote your ideas and sell your products, services, or ads. Content ranking is a large part of any social media expert’s job. However, these algorithms can change rapidly, often overnight without any warning. Using blockchain to monitor and report on theses changes can help your content rank better. That way, you get farther reach, more engagement, and have to pay less in order to get the attention from prospects at the top of the funnel that you need to profit.


When blockchain made a splash in the finance sector, many people were skeptical at first. However, they began to see how it was transforming an entire industry and soon programmers were finding ways to apply it in other fields. Now social media is having its turn in the sun. If you leverage blockchain in the three ways above, you can enjoy deeper insights into your data, better security, and performance monitoring that will take your marketing results to the next level.



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