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3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Still King

By February 26, 2018March 8th, 2018No Comments

Email marketing is the grand daddy of digital marketing. It has been around long before social media, before SEO and frankly even before Google existed. Let that sink in for a minute. Yet, like the mighty shark, who has been on this planet since prehistoric times, it is still here and thriving. Of course, like the shark, it has evolved over this time span, but the premise has remained the same: reaching customers.

1. Direct Connection – People love opening their mailboxes and email marketing offers a direct connection to those people. No middle man, no having to jump through digital hoops. Your odds of reaching someone through an email are outstanding. No algorithm changes, no feed throttling, no suggested posts and no interference… and that’s no BS! Consistency, consistency, consistency is the name of the game. Based upon your results, you’re also able to segment your email list further and further to create the never ending sales funnel you’ve always wanted.

Emails get delivered more than 90% of the time, while Facebook posts reach just 2% of fans.” (Forrester Research)

2. Your List Is Yours – Years before Facebook page likes, Twitter or Instagram followers, people were building email mailing lists. Social media platforms are great for generating buzz, placing ads and building a fan base for your product or service. But what happens when that platform is no longer the social media darling it once was? Anyone use MySpace recently? The point being that although social media is here to stay, the platforms we are using today may not be here tomorrow. Along with all those Onion articles you posted will go the followings you created on each platform that disappears. People are much less likely to change their email addresses. Don’t believe it? Take a look at how many people you know that still have AOL and Yahoo accounts.

3. It’s Affordable & Invaluable – Once you have a strong email list completed, the cost per lead is low compared to other forms of advertising.

“For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25.” (EmailExpert)

According to that statistic you are receiving 44X on your investment! Where else are you going to get that? Ok, for the moment, maybe BitCoin, but that’s another investment all together.

Your email list is also invaluable. It’s gold wrapped in platinum wrapped in palladium. A digital marketing turducken if you will. Using an email marketing service such Constant Contact or MailChimp for drip campaigns will help keep you in the forefront of your customers’ minds on a regular basis allowing several touch points throughout the marketing cycle.

So before you write email marketing off as some dusty, cranky marketing tactic of yore, remember that everything has to start somewhere and if it’s good enough and works, it’ll stick around. The best products, services and ideas always do. They may have a new coat of paint, but it’s the engine that still makes them roar.

Gerry Perlinski – Chief Marketing Officer at Perlinski Design LLC