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How To Use Video For Your Business And Connect With Your Customers

By March 6, 2013No Comments


Marketing your business is incomplete without online videos.  Wouldn’t you rather watch a 3-minute video than read 1000 words of text?  Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey found that a one-minute long video is equivalent to 1.8 million words.  So why aren’t more businesses creating videos?  Video marketing can increase page views, leads, and sales.  To help you out, here are four types of videos we think you should be making for your business:

  1. Showcase your product/services
    A visual demonstration is a perfect way to show your consumers the best features of your products.  When it comes to selling products online, it may be hard for consumers to imagine themselves using the product.  Consumers need to understand exactly how your product works and how it can help them.  Be sure to clearly display and explain the product with narration and on-screen text.  
  2. Behind the Scenes
    As a consumer, it is always exciting to find out how products are created from start to finish.  Short interviews with product managers or the CEO would be great footage to let your consumers learn more about the people who run the business.
  3. Sneak Peeks
    If your business is going to launch a new product or service soon, this is a great way to get your consumers excited!  Show them what your business has been up to and they will keep checking back to see any updates.  For a better chance of returning viewers, create a short series of 3-4 sneak peeks.
  4. Testimonials
    When marketing your business, it’s important to let your prospective customers know how great your business is doing.  Gather some of your best clients and customers to express their positive opinions about your business.  Learning about how great your products and services allow others to trust your work.  

Creating a video is not as hard as it seems.  If your budget can handle it, hire a videographer.  If you are tight on money, get a Flip video camera and record footage yourself.  There are plenty of free video editing software online for you to use.  When the video is complete, embed the video on your homepage and share it wherever you can.  Share them more than once periodically and engage with any feedback you receive.  Using analytic tools such as Google Analytics, you should be tracking the success of your videos.  In the end, your business should just have fun creating and sharing these videos with your current and new customers.

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