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Tips for Google Search Engine Optimization

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There are a number of ways in which you can increase your presence online when it comes to search engine optimization. By following a few web design tips and principles, you can slowly start to come up higher in Google search results. It is important to note that different search engines have different rules for optimal search results, but since Google searches make up for 67% of all US search engine queries, it is best to optimize your website for best results with Google.*

Take the time to use ALT tags in your coding to describe every photo along with a description. This gives the Google Search Spiders an idea of what your website is about and is able to categorize and index the site. Organize your links and make sure each page is linkable to the rest. One way to imagine it is to picture how your website look like on a text-only browser. The search robots can only use what is available on your site.

Play Fair or Get Kicked Off the Court

Avoid at all costs using third party search engine optimization services or programs that claim to be able to bump your company’s listing to the top of the search results page. Google wants to keep the playing field as fair as it can by making sure everyone is on a level playing field. If they were to find out you were using a program to cheat the system, they will more than likely ban you from their search results and that is never a good way to market your business. `

A Flashy Website is a Double-edged Sword

How your website is coded is another important consideration for getting better results with Google. Websites that rely heavily on Flash animation do not work well with Google’s web crawling search index spiders. Designers should consider using HTML5 and CSS with Java scripts as the text inside the code of your web page easier for the search spiders to be able to read the text in the code. Consider using animations to spice up your website (IE. for a site intro) in small amounts as opposed to using a site fully-coded Flash website.

Top Billing on Google Isn’t Guaranteed, But It Doesn’t Hurt to Try

While trying to get on to the first page of a Google Search is a worthwhile effort, getting the most page views for your website is not as important as getting the right kind of unique visitors who will want to do business with you. Perlinski Design can help do the work of optimizing your site for Google by working with your company to come up with a specific web marketing plan based on your target audience. Contact us to discuss how we can help move you up the search result ladder.

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