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Pretty much anyone who’s spent much of any time involved in business knows that customers talk. Sometimes it’s good, but other times the conversation focuses on less positive aspects of your business. In some cases, it can be downright damaging. So how do you go about changing the conversation surrounding your business?

Start a Social Media Ad Campaign

The whole point of social media is to build connections and spark conversations. You can leverage that for your business through a social media ad campaign. Ads on social media can be targeted to the demographics you want to attract, which allows you to earn new customers. Between an engaging ad design and the (hopefully) positive experiences your new customers will have with your business, you should be able to get people talking about your business in a good way.

Review Management

Have you looked at your reviews lately? Even if you haven’t, your potential customers are. More than 90 percent of customers read reviews online before making a purchase. They use them to decide how trustworthy you are and whether or not what you’re offering is worth the price you’re charging. Review management is essential for any business. It can help direct the conversations people are having about your business. Things like monitoring your reviews, analyzing them, responding to them, and asking customers for more (especially the satisfied ones), can help you influence the conversations that follow.

Strategic SEO

You’ve probably heard about businesses that get involved in scandals. It can be really hard to get over them, especially when that’s the sort of thing that pops up first in search results about a business. Even if your business just isn’t getting the sort of positive attention you’d like, taking steps to change what your business ranks for can help. You’ll need to use solid SEO strategies that are focused specifically on improving your rankings for pages that will have a positive impact on customer conversations. As pages on your website rank higher, pushing out the pages you would prefer customers not focus on, you should see a change in the conversations people are having about your business.

Influencing the conversations people are having about your business can be incredibly helpful, especially if you need to repair your reputation for any reason. A social media ad campaign, thoughtful review management, and strategic SEO practices can help. No tactic is going to deliver overnight results, but with time, persistence, and care, you’ll likely find that the conversations people have about your business are better overall.

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