Reputation Management

Has someone ever given you a negative review? Do you not know what to do with that? Keep track of how your business’s reputation is viewed online.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management refers to the control you will have on how people see your company. With reputation management, you can monitor and manage all the channels that affect your business’s online reputation. This can include online reviews, online listings, Google, and social media. Reputation Management also allows you to improve and monitor your visibility in local searches.

Why do you need to manage your reputation?

People tend to trust online reviews from strangers just as much as any recommendation from a friend. If customers are talking negatively about your business, that can affect the purchasing decision of possible new customers. Reputation Management is important so that you can continue to have people/customers look at your business in a positive light.

We at Perlinski design will help you manage your online reputation through our customized dashboard. We connect all of your review sites so you can respond to them promptly. We will give you the feedback
you need to boost the popularity of your business. Perlinski Design will take the time to manage your reputation so you do not have to.